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About me

Hello! My name is Casey Casteel, I am the director of CC-ETC. I am a self proclaimed "school nerd" and love learning about all things education and school related. I love learning,and getting to know the unique " personality "  of every school. Learning and educating others are two of my favorite things, and I absolutely love to combine the two to help others. I have spent my entire career (and life)  in schools in one way or another and I have a passion for helping families, supporting teachers, and educating others.

I have over 20 years experience working with children, families, and schools in a variety of settings. I have worked as a teacher in public, private and charter schools for Preschool-Middle school age students in the classroom, Art, Drama, Yoga, Dance, and Movement enrichment. My teaching experience also includes work  in specialized schools, with students with social and emotional and behavioral difficulties, and students with various learning differences. For nearly a decade, I was the owner, director, and instructor of a successful educational enrichment business that provided camps, classes, workshops and professional development in nearly  60 Houston area schools and organizations.  Most recently, I served as a school counselor at a private school with an International community of students from over 50 countries.  Currently, I am utilizing my unique skill set to help  families find the "best fit" school for their child, providing onsite and online teacher and parent education; and on site classroom support, coaching and consulting. In Fall 2018, I  created the "Parents guide to Houston area preschools" that included information submitted from nearly 100 Houston area schools. 

I received my bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in Psychology and Education and a Master's degree in professional counseling. Currently I am completing my LPC (Licensed professional counselor),  and RPT ( Registered play therapist) credentials.  I am also working on my CEP ( Certified educational planner) certificate. Additionally, I have acquired over 300 hours in continuing education in various subjects in just the last three years. In addition to educating others, I love to learn!